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Firefox Sessionstore.js fixer

Sometimes Firefox opens with all of my tabs (and groups) empty: no session restore is provided and seems that all of my groups (more than 10 groups, with a total of 200 tabs) is simply disappeared.. it happend not only to me, as some googling shows.

What TH? Simply Firefox messed something up in your sessionstore.js file. Blogs suggest you to simply remove it and replace the backup automatically created by Firefox named sessionstore.old
But.. what if even this way gives you an empty set of tabs? Something is really wrong given the 3.8Mb sessionstore.js file!

The solution is only one: open the sessionstore.js file, fix its JSON contents and save it. But the problem here is: how can I edit a 3.8MByte JSON file without messing everything up? Continue reading Firefox Sessionstore.js fixer