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Windows installer for Hugin 2010

Have you ever heard about Hugin? It’s a free and open source imaging software for photos stitching: it enables you to create panorama views with few clicks. Not only panorama views, but also stereographic projections from some shots.. what are stereographic projections? Well … have ever you see those strange images where a place is rendered as a little world? I can’t explain exactly what they are, but you can see what I mean on this Flickr gallery about Hugin.

Well, this post isn’t for describing what Hugin is and does (if you want more info and details please consult Hugin website), but for my new way of spreading the Hugin word: a new windows installer for Hugin 🙂 Continue reading Windows installer for Hugin 2010

Windows7 .jar file association broken with Nokia OVI

I’m a (proud?) owner of a Nokia phone and for SMS and Phonebook management I’ve installed the Nokia OVI software. It’s seems to be more flexible than it’s predecessor for sms handling, music and photo synchronization and so on..

but? But it broke my .jar file type association which wouldn’t run anymore with Java, but will be opened by Nokia OVI itself. The only issue posted on Nokia OVI forum didn’t get any reply since October 2009 (see this forum post about JAR issue). Continue reading Windows7 .jar file association broken with Nokia OVI