Drupal Iconizer: new Icons

Hi, following latest changes to the Iconizer module, I’ve updated the related icons. The new icons features some common modules such as Organic Groups, Import Content, User Imports, RealName, Coder, Devel, VotingAPI and my latest contributed module KnowledgeTree Integration.

As usual the icons are from KDE Oxygen icon set. Remember: I didn’t create them and I don’t own them! Here a little preview of the Administration section with the new icons:

Installation: simply extract the icons in the “admin_icons” module sub-folder. Overwrite the existing ones.

Have fun!

Iconizer admin icons (version 2.02)
Filename : admin_icons_v2-02.zip (121 KB)
Caption : Iconizer admin icons (version 2.02)

6 thoughts on “Drupal Iconizer: new Icons

  1. Seriously, Who on earth uses 7-zip for delivering files? That thing is useless to anyone who is not on a WIndows machine and has not installed 7-zip.

    For the love of God, use ZIP or TAR or some other format everyone can open.

  2. As you know, 7-zip is an OSS project hosted on SuorceForge. It’ released on GPL license and available for Windows and *nix systems. You can get 7zip using your favorite package manager under Linux (ubuntu-like: “sudo apt-get install p7zip”, gentoo: “emerge p7zip”, and so on..). Your Desktop Environment should handle .7z files after you’ll install 7-zip.

  3. Dumb question, but where exactly is the link to download the icons? Thanks!

  4. Thank you for your feedback! 🙂
    Nice website, maybe you should add some breadcrumbs and a more usable menu system 😉 (my 2cents)

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