Hugin 2010.2.0_beta2 installer

I’ve been quite busy in last weeks, but I’ve worked on my HuginSetup project fixing some issues and adding some interesting features like the Control Points auto-setup, and now I’m releasing a new version and the 2010.2.0_beta2 build installer (both for 32 and 64bit).

For the complete changelog of the new 0.2.8 installer version visit the BitBucket Changelog file.

The Hugin mailing list is quite “happy” for my new installer and about 500 people visit my post for it, that’s great! 🙂 They granted me the read/write access to the Hugin Mercurial Repository and I’m going to merge my code to the official branch (I’d like to maintain also the one on BitBucket, maybe using a really cool feature of Mercurial called sub-repositories, but I don’t know if SourceForge have it)

I’ve been in touch with some Hugin developers that gave me some feedback and some new binary builds to test. Thanks to Aron Helser I’m proud to announce the availability of the new Hugin release: 2010.2.0_beta2 . It’s featuring the new Enblend/Enfuse 4.0 release, also for 64bit build.

For the new installers, please check the Download page on the HuginSetup project page, or use the following links:

Happy photos stitching! 🙂


In latest 0.2.10 version some bugs have been fixed, latest Changelog:

* 0.2.10 (2010-09-21)
+ Fixed “Download Failed” messages for Control Points Generators
+ Fixed Autopano-SIFT-C 2.5.2 download and setup bug
+ Fixed Autopano-103 settings (wrong zip extraction)
+ Fixed Match-n-shift settings (doubled .exe extension)

For any question, issue or Hugin bug, please contact Hugin team directly. If you have any issue during the installation leave your comments here! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Hugin 2010.2.0_beta2 installer

  1. install seems fine
    but then all of the .exe raise “error executing program” under my win 2000 sp4

  2. your previous 2010.1.0 svn build installer works perfectly. what a pity installers don’t make bogus programs work… well, most probably, a compilation option was inadequate for win2k

    btw: why not set the install default dir to that of the previous version?

  3. Win XP SP3, works fine, thanks you. Previously found installers (from anothers people) didn’t work so seamless.

  4. @Phg: you can leave a comment about Win2k issues on Hugin mailing-list (reporting your Hugin version)
    @Mike: thank you! 🙂 If you previously used and installed any ControlPoint generator, please let me know where you download it from, so I can add it in new releases..

  5. one last remark: the exact error msg under win2k SP4 with the x32 version is “not a valid win32 application”, the same as with the x64 version. and the 2 versions are different (8MB – 12 MB).

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