Windows installer for Hugin 2010

Have you ever heard about Hugin? It’s a free and open source imaging software for photos stitching: it enables you to create panorama views with few clicks. Not only panorama views, but also stereographic projections from some shots.. what are stereographic projections? Well … have ever you see those strange images where a place is rendered as a little world? I can’t explain exactly what they are, but you can see what I mean on this Flickr gallery about Hugin.

Well, this post isn’t for describing what Hugin is and does (if you want more info and details please consult Hugin website), but for my new way of spreading the Hugin word: a new windows installer for Hugin πŸ™‚


Some technical details about the installer:

  • Hugin 2010.1.0 based installer (different build version for 32bit and 64bit)
  • Customizable Control Point generators download: Autopano v1.03, Panomatic 0.9.4, Match-n-shift and Autopano-sift-C (internet connection required for download)
  • Build on Nullsoft NSIS install framework version 2.48
  • Customizable shortcut creation (StartMenu and Desktop)
  • Full Uninstall system: files and windows registry cleaning (also in Windows Control Panel)
  • High compression level using 7zip
  • Multi-Language ready (English, German, Italian 80%)


Setup Welcome screen


The installer script source code can be downloaded from BitBucket at You can also try the installers for 32 and 64bit builds of Hugin:


  • Add HuginProject association to .pto filet-ypes
  • Add Documentation link in Start Menu Hugin subfolder
  • Add more translations (help needed)


Further enhancements have been added into HuginSetup, please refer to the Hugin category in this blog for updates.

  • 0.2.6 (2010-09-06)
    + Refactored Control Point Generators scripts (moved into own folder)
    + Splitted 32/64bit installers
    + Added CP align_image_stack.exe

Read the full CHANGELOG on BitBucket.

Comments, ideas and issues are welcome! πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Windows installer for Hugin 2010

  1. I just tried it and thought I’ll give you feedback here instead in the hugin maillings list.

    First thing I noticed is, that the predefined path might give some problems: …\Program files/Hugin (mind the second slash!). Second thing is, it’s not working on my Windows 7. I guess, because the installer doesn’t ask for admin rights and thus is not allowed to do anything in the program files folder. But it is working in every other non standart folder. The uninstaller is working great.

  2. Hi Brian, thank you for your feedback. I fixed your issues in 0.1.17 release (check the file properties tab).
    Waiting for your feedback πŸ™‚

  3. just curios how to stay up to date. How do I know which version of your 64bit hugin version I have? the about gives me some info but I can’t match it against anything I see here…
    I see your changelog above but can’t match it with the version I downloaded a couple of days ago from here…

  4. Hi Ovidiu (I really like the WP theme that you used for you blog πŸ˜‰ )
    You can check your installer version with File Properties and look in the Details tab: you’ll find a “File Version”, that’s it!
    Remember that the 64bit version needs some further improvements, unfortunately I don’t have a 64bit windows so I can’t test it, I’ve just rebuild the installer with a 64bit compiled version of Hugin

  5. Thanks for the installer – works great. Only small correction is that in the 64 bit version the default path for installer is currently within “Program Files (x86)” but I think it should technically go to “Program Files” for 64 bit programs.

  6. Hi Jay, you’re right! Also the registry settings are written to the x86 branch and not the x64! I’m also looking for the 64bit build of the control points, but without any luck! πŸ™ if you have any x64build/link please share them! πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for the compliments its a modified version of this theme:

    And btw. I tried subscribing to your comments feed of this post and I am getting: this feed contains no items, please have a look at your feed as that is the easiest way to stay updated πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you Ovidiu, I’ve fixed the comments-rss issue! I was playing with WP and CustomPost types and forgot to remove a testing feature of my (modified) theme! πŸ™‚ thank you again! πŸ™‚

  9. @Jay: I’ve edited the x64 build script, can you test the new release (0.2.6) and check if the “Program Files(x86)” is replaced? Thank you

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