About Me

My name is Emanuele (aka Panz and a bunch of other nicknames), I live in the north of Italy, near Milan. I’m a PhD student in Information Science and my researches are focused to the Information Retrieval fields, such as Document Indexing, XML Retrieval and so on..


I’ve been working on WEB development since 2004: from custom HTML and PHP web pages to CMS/DMS customizations and full web portal creation. I develop web pages and templates with standards formats appliance, accessibility and usability in mind, I’m also a strong follower of the KISS principle 🙂

In the PHP coding field I’ve had experiences with Symfony Framework, Smarty Template Engine and KnowledgeTree plugin development and customization. I’m a Drupal user and developer (user #58689) since 2006, and in my spare time I’m maintaining a couple of modules from the last few years..

I’ve used Delphi, Java, C# and SQL for other projects.


I’m interested in the photography and digital photo manipulation field, I’m shooting with my Olympus E-520 camera using also some old-school lenses. I’m still in the learning path of photography 🙂 Feel free to leave some comments on my shots on my Flickr and DeviantART pages!


For privacy issues, I’m not giving you my shoes number, for other details feel free to Contact Me 😉