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MySQL recovery using ibdata and ib_logfile1.. files

I recently had my server out of order and I could only access to files (thanks to providential Linux-on-usb). I manage to backup my MySQL files (ibdata, ib_logfile1, ib_logfile2, and the tables *.frm files). No sql dump to be imported into a new MySQL installation.

I remembered a good tutorial on recovering database structure and data using my backups, but I couldn’t find anymore on the web.. I went step-by-step to recover my data: simply replacing the “data” directory inside the new installation setup will give you errors about InnoDB “sequence numbers” (and MySQL will suggest you to refer to “InnoDB force recovery feature“). Continue reading MySQL recovery using ibdata and ib_logfile1.. files

Bootable Windows7 usb-key with Linux

I recently downloaded Windows7 Professional using the Academy software distribution service (it’s a collaboration between Microsoft and my university). I worked under Linux and I couldn’t make a boot-able DVD or USB-Key using the Windows 7 USB/DVD ISO tool (which I recently used and find out that it’s not working with usb-keys!!)

Even if reading some posts I couldn’t manage to get a working DVD/USB installation media; i followed the steps found here:

I finally get a USB media with Windows7 booting, without any “Missing operating system” or “missing NTLDR” error message. Here my steps  under Ubuntu 10.04 (nb: my USB key is /dev/SDB device) Continue reading Bootable Windows7 usb-key with Linux

Drupal, TortoiseGIT and Putty configuration

Few weeks ago moved from CVS to GIT for source code repositories. Old CVS repository have been placed into a code-frezze status, no more updates and read-only access.

Reading Drupal messages and development mailing-list I found myself to be one of the few Drupal developers using Windows (and the nice set of Tortoise- GUI tools) for code development (please don’t be too hard on me: I’m too lazy busy right now to install and setup a Linux OS.. maybe I’ll reinstall my beloved Gentoo system?), but one of more users with issues on setting up TortoiseGIT and Drupal SSH keys.

Continue reading Drupal, TortoiseGIT and Putty configuration

Hugin 2010.2.0 RC1 installer

Thanks to latest Matthew Petroff builds (for 32bit and 64bit architectures) and Hugin mailing-list comments I’m releasing latest Hugin 2010.2.0 RC1 installer..

Some new features and fixes have been added, in particular the ability to use the Multirow/Stacked CP generator (binaries extracted from latest Lemur Hugin build):

+ Refactored Control Points generators scripts (names and languages string)
+ Control Point Generators are now stored into their own directory $INSTALLDIR$/CPG/
+ Added Autopano-SIFT-C multirow/stacked from Lemur build (autopano.exe and generatekeys.exe)
+ Added Clean registry settings during install (thanks Matthew Petroff)

The Win2k issue (reported by Phg) should be fixed now.

For the new installers, please check the Download page on the HuginSetup project page, or use the following links:

Have fun with Hugin! 🙂