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Preview of the Drupal admin area with Iconizer module activatedUpdates: read posts tagged “drupal-iconizer

This Drupal module called Iconizer makes the Drupal configuration easier adding some representing icons in the Admin section for each function/setting.

Most of the icons provided in the first package have been taken from Crystal Clear theme by Everaldo (www.yellowicon.com), in the second release of the icons-pack I’ve used the new Oxygen icon set form KDE 4.

The idea is from “Showing Hyperlink Cues with CSS“, an article of Ask The CSS Guy, where icons are added int o links using exclusively CSS2: a common technique supported by recent an browsers (Firefox, Safari, InternetExplorer 7, etc). After a thread on Drupal.org about admin-icons I created the module that auto-magically adds these icons near file-type links, known-protocols links (as described in “Iconize Textlinks with CSS“).

Admin icons icons couldn’t be stored on Drupal.org due some license issues so I moved them in an external archive that can be downloaded in this page. To use them simply download the archive attached below and replace old icons with these new ones in the package (created with 7-Zip).

Comments and suggestions are welcome! 🙂

Iconizer Icons v1.2 package
Filename : admin_icons_v2.zip (84 KB)
Caption : Iconizer Icons v1.2 package

3 thoughts on “Drupal Iconizer Module

  1. Got a download of Admin Icons that doesn’t rely on the proprietary format of 7-Zip? No Mac version of that software, Windows-only so not very Web friendly.



  2. Dumb question, but where exactly is the link to download the Admin Icons? Thanks!

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