Hugin 2010.2.0 RC1 installer

Thanks to latest Matthew Petroff builds (for 32bit and 64bit architectures) and Hugin mailing-list comments I’m releasing latest Hugin 2010.2.0 RC1 installer..

Some new features and fixes have been added, in particular the ability to use the Multirow/Stacked CP generator (binaries extracted from latest Lemur Hugin build):

+ Refactored Control Points generators scripts (names and languages string)
+ Control Point Generators are now stored into their own directory $INSTALLDIR$/CPG/
+ Added Autopano-SIFT-C multirow/stacked from Lemur build (autopano.exe and generatekeys.exe)
+ Added Clean registry settings during install (thanks Matthew Petroff)

The Win2k issue (reported by Phg) should be fixed now.

For the new installers, please check the Download page on the HuginSetup project page, or use the following links:

Have fun with Hugin! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hugin 2010.2.0 RC1 installer

  1. finally I found this, great you made this available, thanks!
    unfortunately I get an error after the aligning (finding control points) of 5 pictures is done:
    the window title is wxExecute Error, the error code is 1, and it’s about align_image_stack.exe..
    could you point out what’s wrong? looking forward for any help..

  2. Yes, thank you very much for sharing this build and making it so easy to keep reasonably up-t0-date with Hugin on Windows!

  3. Thanks a lot for the installer, I really like the way how the files – Control Point Generators are organized.

    But I have 2 points.
    1. Are you planing to integrate newer available version of Hugin?
    2. Download of some Control Point Generators failed. see attached installation log.

    Output folder: C:Program FilesHugin
    Extracting Hugin package…
    Extract: Hugin_bin32.7z
    Extract: Hugin_share32.7z
    Delete file: C:Program FilesHuginHugin_bin32.7z
    Delete file: C:Program FilesHuginHugin_share32.7z
    Created uninstaller: C:Program FilesHuginUninstall.exe
    Output folder: C:Program FilesHugin
    Extracting Hugin Documentation package…
    Extract: Hugin_doc.7z
    Delete file: C:Program FilesHuginHugin_doc.7z
    Create folder: C:Documents and SettingsalesStart MenuProgramsHugin
    Create shortcut: C:Documents and SettingsalesStart MenuProgramsHuginUninstall.lnk
    Create shortcut: C:Documents and SettingsalesStart MenuProgramsHuginHugin.lnk
    Create shortcut: C:Documents and SettingsalesDesktopHugin.lnk
    Output folder: C:Program FilesHuginCPGMatch_n_shift
    Downloading package: Match-n-Shift 0.13 (2008-02-19)
    Download failed: HTTP/1.1 404 NOT FOUND
    Output folder: C:Program FilesHuginCPGAutopano_SIFTC
    Downloading package: Autopano-sift-C 2.5.2 (TKSharpless)
    Download failed: HTTP/1.1 404 NOT FOUND
    Output folder: C:Program FilesHuginCPGAutopano_SiftC_lemur
    Downloading package: Autopano-sift-C (Multirow/Stacked) 2.5.2 (Lemur)
    Download failed: HTTP/1.1 404 NOT FOUND
    Output folder: C:Program FilesHuginCPGAutopano_Jenny
    Downloading package: Autopano 1.03 (A.Jenny)
    Autopano 1.03 (A.Jenny) Downloaded!
    Extracting package: Autopano 1.03 (A.Jenny)
    Extract: autopano.exe
    Delete file:
    Output folder: C:Program FilesHuginCPGPanomatic
    Downloading package: Panomatic 0.9.4
    Downloading from mirror 1:
    Download completed.
    Panomatic 0.9.4 Downloaded!
    Extracting package: Panomatic 0.9.4
    Extract: Panomatic.exe
    Extract: PanomaticNOSSE.exe
    Delete file:

  4. Unfortunately some CP aren’t updated and their URL may change without any notice. If you have any updated url where I can find them, please let me know! 🙂

    Please try newest Hugin build from the official website as new release adds a new (patent-free) CP generator called “cpfind” which may be the new and official Hugin CP generator. The official installer uses my NSIS script, so you won’t find any difference 😉


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