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I’ve recently started using Drupal7 for a personal website project. I finally had the possibility to test on the field the new Drupal7 APIs and modules.

It’s amazing to see how much Views module is evolved into something that I can’t do without 🙂 Great to see CCK (now Fields) in core and the increasing number of Themes supporting HTML5 (AdaptiveTheme, Omega.. etc).

The major difficulty is to locate, inside the Admin section, where the new configurations have been moved.. after a while I was able to fix Iconizer missing icons and finally, recognizing the same icons, starting to setup Drupal7 as fast as I do in Drupal6!

Among great enhancements, I found fantastic the added ability to configure a field formatter easly in the content-type settings form. What I feel missing is, for the Image field type, to limit the number of images displayed by the formatter. Since Image field is in core it’s a little bit difficult to get a patch approved… so I developed a *new* Image formatter that extends the previous one adding the “Limit images” feature.

I’ll add few screenshot soon, but if try it it’s really clean and easy to setup: simply chose the new “Image (limited)” from the formatter list.

Have fun! 🙂

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  1. Beautiful implementation, thank you sooo much. Now I can have teasers with just 1 image and then the rest in the full nodes. I’m going to send a donation if I can figure out how to! Thanks again!

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