VLC and OpenSubtitles downloader

I’ve recently found a nice VLC script for adding subtitles to any video using the great OpenSubtitles portal on this VLC Forum post. Such script does exactly what it sais: it crawls the OpenSubtitles website looking for the matching movie (no osdb hash function involved) and adds the subtitle into the VLC media player.

I’ve edited such LUA script (so, I’m not the original author of such script) also allowing the subtitle downloading for an off-line usage, the downloaded file is placed in the same movie folder, renamed as the movie itself with the language suffix. It’s my first attempt into LUA scripting language, it’s quite easy, but I’ve used about 3 hours to find out all the LUA features and the (sometimes not documented) VLC scripting functions.


  • Due to a issse in VLC, all lua plugins that use GUIs (like SubtitlesFinder) aren’t supported under MAC OSx [citation missing]



  • [version 1.3-beta]
  • 2013-04-05: Show plugin version in “Plugin details” dialog
  • 2013-04-05: fixed auto-show of search dialog (by Mederi)
  • 2013-04-05: Fixed typos in Italian language (by Mederi and Ciprus)
  • [version 1.2]
  • 2013-04-03: Fixed Linux subtitle file saving (thanks to Abraham van Helpsing)
  • 2013-04-03: Various fixes and improvements (thanks to Mederi)
  • 2013-04-03: Removed standard downloader since WebDownloader retrieves the most updated plugin
  • .. full changelog on SubtitlesFinder commit log

For an alternative of VLC-Subtitles-Finder, try VLCSub (written by Guillaume Le Maout) available at my GIT repository, installer also available in the project download section. VLCSub can’t search by movie title, but implements the Opensubtitles.org HASHing function (sometimes more accurate).

Drupal Iconizer: new Icons

Hi, following latest changes to the Iconizer module, I’ve updated the related icons. The new icons features some common modules such as Organic Groups, Import Content, User Imports, RealName, Coder, Devel, VotingAPI and my latest contributed module KnowledgeTree Integration.

As usual the icons are from KDE Oxygen icon set. Remember: I didn’t create them and I don’t own them! Here a little preview of the Administration section with the new icons:

Installation: simply extract the icons in the “admin_icons” module sub-folder. Overwrite the existing ones.

Have fun!

Iconizer admin icons (version 2.02)
Filename : admin_icons_v2-02.zip (121 KB)
Caption : Iconizer admin icons (version 2.02)

Hugin 2010.2.0 RC1 installer

Thanks to latest Matthew Petroff builds (for 32bit and 64bit architectures) and Hugin mailing-list comments I’m releasing latest Hugin 2010.2.0 RC1 installer..

Some new features and fixes have been added, in particular the ability to use the Multirow/Stacked CP generator (binaries extracted from latest Lemur Hugin build):

+ Refactored Control Points generators scripts (names and languages string)
+ Control Point Generators are now stored into their own directory $INSTALLDIR$/CPG/
+ Added Autopano-SIFT-C multirow/stacked from Lemur build (autopano.exe and generatekeys.exe)
+ Added Clean registry settings during install (thanks Matthew Petroff)

The Win2k issue (reported by Phg) should be fixed now.

For the new installers, please check the Download page on the HuginSetup project page, or use the following links:

Have fun with Hugin! 🙂